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Why Centerfolds?

Through our extensive network with offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, no other adult talent agency has introduced more new talent to the industry than Centerfold Features.  We’re able to offer our models unparalleled exposure to top talent buyers, saving time and energy you might otherwise spend searching for work.  Leveraging this network, we can negotiate absolute top dollar pay for every performance.  Moreover, by having us prequalify and negotiate your work assignments, as well as make all travel and logistical arrangements, you can confidently know you are going to a safe and professional business.  Apply Now.


Our Process

Whether you are a first timer or an established performer, we know that starting down a new path can be scary!  That’s why we’ve streamlined the process to save you time and energy.  Simply Apply Now, and we’ll reach out to you personally within 48 hours to discuss how we can work together. Apply Now.


Legitimate Work Only

We ONLY work with legitimate adult film studios and legitimate adult nightclubs in the United States.  We do NOT book private parties or arrange for any entertainment not associated with a licensed entity.   You can turn down ANY booking you like, you can stop any booking before or during, and you can quit at anytime you like.  It's YOUR body and YOU are in control!  Apply Now.


Do I Need Experience?

NO!  In fact, some of your highest earnings will come when you're new!  Fresh talent is always highly paid, and our clients are always eager to book new talent.  Amateur talent has long been a mainstay of our portfolio.  We ensure a comfortable, safe, and non-intimidating work environment, even for “first timers” or “one timers!”  Apply Now.


Available Work

We are a multi-faceted agency.  We book female talent for adult films, webcam performances, adult nightclub (strip club) appearances, and lingerie modeling.  We do NOT permit illegal activities and this is NOT an escort site.  Our massive network of film studio and club operator contacts gets you guaranteed work immediately!  Don't delay!  Apply Now.


Professional Management

We are PROUD of the reputation that we have cultivated over the last 30 years!  Talent actually LIKES working with us (few other agents can say that)!  We respect our talent and know our primary job is to promote the best interests of our talent.  Unlike our competitors who operate out of a duffle bag, we have a fully-staffed, professional, licensed office that has streamlined processes designed to market you effectively and guarantee the most bookings.  We use an electronic contract system (instead of paper) to make the most efficient use of your time.  We arrange for all travel and make all logistical arrangements necessary for each booking.  Your only job is to show up and perform!   Apply Now.



You're probably wondering, "how much can I really make?"  The answer is that it all depends on you and your work ethic.  We have had some models that make as much as $20,000 in a 30-day period, but most average about $10,000 monthly.  In a short amount of time, new revenue streams develop that increase can easily increase your income even more, and we'll show you how.  The hard-working performers at the very top of the industry earn more than $50,000 monthly.  On average, our talent always makes more money!  Apply Now.


Brand Development

If you plan on making a career in the adult entertainment industry, developing your brand is vital!  We'll help you learn the ins and outs of the industry, establish your social media presence, and cultivate a fan base.  Using our in-house PR Agency (exclusive to Centerfold Features), we'll teach you how to create and sell your personal content and build a national brand.  We pride ourselves on securing quick interviews and trade publication articles for our new models.  We're your ONE STOP SHOP talent agent!  Apply Now.


Media Management

Are you aware how vital your Social Media Management is to your success?  It isn’t easy though!  For interested models, we provided end-to-end Social Media Management, including management of your Twitter, Instagram, and OnlyFans accounts.  If managed properly, these platforms can earn you tens of thousands in monthly income!  Apply Now.


Travel Arrangements

We handle everything for you!  We take care of your hotel, airfare, and ground transportation and testing (if applicable).  Apply Now.


Group Bookings

While other Talent Agencies may have a few film studios or club clients, we have HUNDREDS!  This means that we can offer you 10+ Guaranteed Bookings IMMEDIATELY for qualified applicants.  No other agency has a booking capacity like Centerfold Features!  This is HUGE!   Apply Now.



You must be at least 18 years old.  You must be able to furnish two forms of valid photo ID.  You must be able to travel for booking opportunities.  If performing in adult films, you must be properly tested using a certified testing service.  Apply Now.


We sincerely appreciate your interest.  We are always searching for new talent, and always interested in helping driven entertainers take their careers to the next level.  Let us help you make money today!

Please Apply Now or Contact Us if you have any questions.



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